Basics for digital Transformation (eLearning)


The ongoing digital transformation fundamentally changes the conditions and the environment of the industry worldwide. Industrial companies are facing massive challenges with the target shaping and implementing the digital transformation including individual, practical and economic aspects. In this eLearning and learning nuggets the participants learn basic knowledge for the digital transformation like digital technologies, industry 4.0, smart factory and real use-cases of the industry.

Bediener, Servicetechniker, Programmierer, Planer/Applikateure, Führungskräfte, Trainer, Sicherheitsfachkräfte
90 minutes

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  • Introduction in Industry 4.0, its opportunities, risks & consequences
  • Industry 4.0 strategy for countries & industry worldwide
  • What’s behind the Digital Transformation
  • Automation Pyramid, Connectivity Levels & Field Devices, MES, ERP, Integration, IT & OT
  • Cyber-physical Systems & Digital Twins
  • Data, Information & Knowledge
  • Cloud, Big Data, Data Lake & Tools
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Mining, IoT & AIoT
  • Factory of the Future, Technologies & Megatrends
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neuronal Networks, Data Diversity, Algorithms, Use-Cases & Challenges
  • Status Quo of digital transformation in the industry
  • Digital Waste & Information Flows
  • Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI), Human-Machine-Collaboration & Cobots
  • Real i4.0 use-cases: AI, Predective Maintenance, Remote Maintenance, Digital Twin, Retrofit, Connectivity & Visualization
  • Digital transformation: Show Stopper, Human-Technology-Organization & Approach
  • Keen understanding the digital Transformation and its technologies, their possibilities & challenges
  • Basic unterstanding of automation, digitalization and corresponding tools
  • Backround information for future topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twins and Information Flows
  • Basic knowledge in connectivity, visualization and retrofit
  • Understanding practicle examples including real industry 4.0 use-cases as well as necessary approach incl. real world show stopper
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